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Research Goal

IMD LAB aims to prepare for a hyper-connected society and improve the quality of human life

from the development of intelligent materials and devcies.

저희 연구실은 소재의 지능화를 통한 초연결 사회 대비 및 인류의 삶의 질 향상을 목표로 합니다.

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    Our group aims to improve the quality of human life with an intellectualization of materials and application of such materials for human augmentation capable of sensing environmental condition, physical enhancements, or replacements of human organs. For this purpose, we investigate novel approaches for the development of stimuli-responsive intelligent materials on a scale and devices that are compliant to uneven surfaces and actively adapt to change in surroundings (mechanical deformation, variations of temperature/humidity, etc.) through the convergence of nanoscience and chemical/mechanical/electrical engineering.

    In the first approach, we fabricate high-performance and deformable electronic/electro-magnetic materials based on micro/nano-structural arrays with dimensional nanomaterials and surface engineering. Second, we control the alignment of spin, atom, molecules for the highly functionalized materials

    Our ultimate goal is the application of intelligent materials and devices for human augmentation in terms of sense and response: 1) Proximity sensors/electronic skins (recognition of changes in physical, chemical, and proximity information) to enhance somatic senses, 2) Soft actuators (self-awareness and desirable actuation) to help training. For practical use, we extend the sensors and actuators to an all-in-one system level and pursue long-term use, including 3) energy harvesting devices, stretchable interconnectors, and feedback controllable software.

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